FAQs for 2G Users

    一、Ⅰ、2G Prepaid FAQs
  • Please activate the SIM before the expiry date. The SIM will be activated when you make the first call, send the first text, or access to the Internet with the SIM.
  • Please send a messge to +8613010201500
  • Please go to China Unicom (Hong Kong) store with your PUK card and the service will charge $100.
  • If you lost your SIM, please call China Unicom (Hong Kong) loss report hotline for help.
    China Unicom (Hong Kong) loss report hotline HK: 2122 1188(free) Mainland:130 6840 0177(free)
  • Best SIM Card 2G users can shift service to 3G prepaid or post-paid plan,
     which is required to subscribe at China Unicom (Hong Kong) store or authorised store.
  • 二、Ⅱ、Tariff of 2G Prepaid Service
  • Inquiry hotline (HK): 66110011
    Inquiry hotline (mainland):13010200400
    Inquiry hotline (Taiwan): 002852 66110011
    Inquiry hotline (Macau): 00852 66110011
    Inquiry hotline (Thailand): 001852 66110011
    Self-service for inquiry: please visit http://hk.chinaunicom.com/
    "USSD service: dial *118*35#"
  • Recharge cards
    PPS / credit card automatically recharge
    Note: The first suite is enabled, it can use PPS / credit cards to recharge.
    Unicom online recharge
    Payments can be made at our selected stores, via PPS or ATM. You may also send us a cheque, or settle the payment through automatic transit. China Unicom (Hong Kong) online payments services (hk.chinaunicom.com) allow you to settle your bills if you have registered with the relevant service.
  • Account valid = number of days remaining in your account is valid + prepaid card is valid. The cumulative number of days will be over 540 days.
    lease refer the validity of your SIM. Each time you recharge your card at HK$10 or more, its validity will be reset for a further 30 days and you can retain the mobile phone number.
  • 三、 2G Prepaid FAQs
  • Credit card Automatic transit
    Please visit any China Unicom (Hong Kong) selected store and provide copies of your ID.
    If you pay the bill after the 10th of every month, only VISA or MASTER PPS are available.
    PPS No.: 9217
    Customer Billing Number: customer billing the customer number
    Processing time: 3 working days
    Top up via calling: dial 18033 or 18013 to register first and then dial 21221188
    PPS website: www.pps.com
    28/F, Tower 1, The Gateway, 25 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HongKong
    28/F, Tower 1, The Gateway, 25 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HongKong
    Cheque title: China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited
    China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited
    urchase a recharge voucher at any China Unicom store or authorised resellers in Hong Kong.
    By cash: payments can be made at our selected stores in HK or Huanggang Port (Shenzhen).
    Online top up
    Please visit http://hk.chinaunicom.com/ . Click Top Up on Home Page and follow the instructions.
    Payments can also be made via Visa/Master/American Express/ Union Pay.
  • It is suggested that you search for the Internet manually and then restart your handset.
  • 四、Ⅳ、Tariff of 2G Post-paid Service
  •   Cost: $0.5/SMS
      SMS Center: +86 130 1020 1500 (for both mainland and HK users)
      Local SMS (from HK): 00852+mobile number
      SMS to mainland (from HK): 0086+ mainland mobile number
      Local SMS (from mainland): mainland mobile number
      SMS to HK (from mainland): 00852+ mobile number
      International SMS: 00+country code + mobile number
  • Please visithttp://hk.chinaunicom.com/
    Log In with your account and password and then click Self-service.