About Us

China Unicom Global Limited (“CUG”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China United Network Communication Group Company Limited. The headquarters of CUG is located in Hong Kong, with sales specialists and technical experts in over 15 countries and regions worldwide. CUG endeavors to deliver direct and dedicate local support to customers outside Mainland China, including Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. CUG offers reliable end-to-end global telecommunication solutions and services to multi-national corporates, Chinese enterprises, small-medium enterprises, wholesale service providers and personal users. Leveraging on China Unicom’s robust domestic and global network infrastructure, CUG focus on business expansions and service requirements outside Mainland China. With trustworthy domestic teams in China and elite teams stationed overseas, CUG is confident to provide exceptional one-stop services for customers with telecommunication needs into China, out of China, or via China from every corner of the world.