Online Payment

Online Payment: safe and convenient, settled to the account immediately

1、Pay by credit card

All transactions can be paid by VISA/MasterCard/Union Pay

2、Pay by PAYPALL

Paypal  ( is the world’s leading online payment company which aims at offering tailor-made online payment service to international customers. Paypal allows customers using email addresses and through their credit cards and bank accounts to pay and credit to various online accounts securely. By utilising the existing banking system and credit card system, and through advanced network and security technologies, Paypal provides a safe and convenient online payment service for more than 100 million individuals and online merchants over 103 countries in the world.

3、Wo-China Union Pay

Wo-China Union Pay is a payment service under the brand ofChina Unicom.China Unicom obtained the payment license issued by the Central Bank of Mainland China on 31st December, 2011, and is responsible for coordinating the development of its payment service. Building upon its original payment service and utilising its advantages, China Unicom  offers innovative payment services and solutions across the internet, mobile network and POS network to both personal and commercial customers. The scope of payment services covers fast payment, online payment, Wo account payment, mobile phone payment, fixed telephone payment, POS payment, mobile wallet, mobile phone bus card, corporate integrated payment solutions etc.

☆How do I know if the payment is successful?
When the online payment process is successfully completed, the system will prompt "successful payment" and you will receive a confirmation email sent by our system.
☆What are the reasons for "rejected payment"?
Your bank card has not subscribed for online payment yet.
Your bank card has been expired/invalidated/reported for loss.
The balance of your bank card is inadequate.
Incorrect entry of password or account number.
Incorrect entry of ID number.
Abnormal data transmission on the bank system.
The network is disconnected.