>China Unicom China Tone Dual-Number Prepaid SIM(Discontinued)
China Unicom China Tone Dual-Number Prepaid SIM(Discontinued)

China Unicom China Tone Dual-Number Prepaid SIM(Discontinued)

China Unicom China Tone Dual-Number Prepaid SIM

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Product Highlights

Flat-rate voice service and same charge across different province of Mainland China and HK

Product Descriptions

Product NameChina Unicom China Tone Dual-Number Prepaid SIM
SIM Size

3-in-1 SIM Card (Nano/Micro/Standard)

Suggested Retail PriceHK$200
Store ValueHK200
Validity Period.The SIM card is valid for 90 days after activationExpiry Date: 30/6/2017                
Data Service

Supports tethering and shares network with other connected devices

Designated operator

Mainland China: China Unicom
Taiwan: FarEastTone

Please Read Before Use
.Please insert the SIM card into your phone and switch it on. The SIM card will be activated when you make the first call with it (exclude account inquiry and recharge hotline).
.Please retain the outer part of the SIM card for recharge and enquiry.
.For checking account and validity period, please dial   or call 66110011 (Hong Kong) / 13010200400 (China)

Once the SIM is activated,HK$6 monthly fee will be charge immediately.After the first month,HK$6 monthly fee will be charged automatically on the first day of each of the following months.If the balance amount is insufficient to deduct the monthly fee,the service will be suspended without prior notice until the SIM is recharged.The monthly fee during service suspension period will be deduceted immediately upon recharge.The SIM is valid for 90 days from the date of activation and is rechargeable for continuous service.






(1)For applying data pack,a confirmation SMS will be sent out by system.You have to restart the mobile data service afterward for activating the data pack.From the first day(regardless of the time)of confirmed activation of the data pack,cut off time is 23:59,based on Hong Kong time,of the last day of the data pack.Unused data will be forfeited.Different types of data pack cannot be purchased at the same time.

(2)Renewal only applies when all data usages included in the existing data pack are used up.

(3)Standard charge is $0.02/KB.Promotional period of daily charge cap is till 31 Dec 2016 or such promotional period as shown in our company website shall prevail.


 Voice service fees (per min. unless otherwise specified)                    




Calling Instructions



Calling from Mainland China



Make calls from Hong Kong/Taiwan/Japan:

Mobile Service License Fee


$6 / month

Mobile Service License Fee will be deducted automatically on the first day of each calendar month from your account.                          





SMS and Call Forwarding Service Charge(HKD)

Receive SMSFree
Send SMSSee SMS charge below
Call Forwarding ServiceSee here for charges
SMS charge
Send fromDestinationChargeSend Method
Hong Kong/ Mainland China/ MacauHong Kong$0.50/SMSTel No.
Mainland China$0.50/SMS+86+ Tel No.
Others$1.50/SMS+Country Code+ Tel No.
TaiwanHong Kong$0.99/SMSTel No.
Mainland China$0.99/SMS+86+ Tel No.
Others$1.50/SMS+Country Code+ Tel No.
JapanHong Kong$3.00/SMS+852+ Tel No.
Mainland China$3.00/SMS+86+ Tel No.
Others$3.00/SMS+Country Code+ Tel No.

Terms & Conditions
1. Pay as you go SMS charges. The SMS is counted by each individual recipient. 
2. Each SMS’s max capacity is 160 English letters or 70 Chinese characters. Character display capability depends on recipients’ handsets and network operators. 
3. The SMS sending charge would not be refunded, even if the SMS is not successfully delivered due to network conditions, recipients using inapplicable handsets, or recipients failing to save the SMS properly in the handsets. 
4. The above SMS charges are only applied to sending SMS to mobile numbers and not applied to sending SMS to content providers.
5. Receiving SMS is free.


Important Terms of Use

  • Actual connection speed can vary due to factors such as relative position between you and the base station, download server source, Internet traffic conditions, number of users, device hardware, software and other factors that may arise.                           

  • Facetime, Video call and MMS are not supported.                             

  • China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.






We do not provide delivery service to Mainland China.

Delivery Date

Items will be delivered on the 2nd business day following your payment of the order. The actual delivery date will depend on the delivery arrangement of the couriers.

HK Commercial and Industrial Areas

Under general situation, items will be delivered to HK commercial and industrial areas within two business days after payment is settled.

HK Residential Areas

Under general situation, items will be delivered to HK residential areas within three business days after payment is settled.

Order Status Tracking

Customer can obtain the courier’s tracking number by providing the order ID under the page “My Order” and check the delivering status in the corresponding courier’s website. Click here for SF-Express delivery tracking information.


Simply connect to the internet to activate the SIM.         

Please follow the steps below        

Step 1   Settings> Wireless & Networks> Mobile Networks>Access Point Names        
Step 2   Create New APN > input 3gnet in Name & APN column > Save
Step 3 Back > Select 3gnet > Back > Switch on Data RoamingiPhone/iPadStep
Step 1 Settings >  General >  Network  > Cellular Data Network


Step2 Input 3gnet in APN column under Cellular Data & Personal Hotspot
Step 3 Back > Switch on Data Roaming






Flexible online top-up                    

You decide your top-up value.                                    
Step 1  Visit www.cuniq.com/tp   via the browser on your device                  
Step2  Enter the number which you want to top up                     
Step 3  To top up via Visa/ MasterCard/ PayPal/UnionPay (settlement currency is Hong Kong dollar)                     
.Click HERE to see other recharge methods.                     
.Online top up service is only available for Prepaid SIM (not including South Korea Prepaid SIM) issued by China Unicom (Hong Kong). Besides, online payment is only available for monthly plan customers.                    
.In any case, the validity of your SIM card can be reset up to 540 days (not including data SIM).                    
.The online top-up amount is not refundable                    




Terms and Conditions

For details: store.hk.chinaunicom.com

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the China Unicom China Tone Dual-Number Prepaid SIM (“the For details: store.hk.chinaunicom.com prepaid SIM”) of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited (“CUHK”):

1. The prepaid SIM cannot be replaced or returned once it is activated.

2. The prepaid SIM must be activated prior to the expiry date stated on its cover. CUHK will not be responsible for any damage and will not provide any repair and/or maintenance services to the prepaid SIM.

3. Cellular Data Service

- The minimum pricing unit is 1KByte. Charges are calculated according to KByte increments.

- Charges for data service are calculated according to the accumulated Mbyte per month on 1 Mbyte increments at the end of each month.

- Charges cut-off based on Hong Kong time zone and 23:59 on the last calendar day of each month.

Payment of a full month charge is required for activation of the prepaid SIM for less than one month.

- The prepaid SIM data service does not support video calls and Multimedia Messages (MMS)

- The actual data transmission speed of the prepaid SIM mobile data service shall be subject to the

prevailing Network condition, hardware, software and other factors, and thus may show performance

variation as a result.

- Data Roaming Service is currently available for use in designated destinations and will be available for use in more destinations in the near future. To protect your interests and to avoid unnecessary Data

Roaming charges, you are reminded to check for the update of applicable destinations for Data

Roaming Service by browsing our website or calling our Customer Service Hotline before you travel abroad.

4. The prepaid SIM service will be suspended/ terminated under the following circumstances

Suspension of service - the prepaid SIM services will be suspended upon any one of the following situations:

(a) The account value of the prepaid SIM is inadequate to pay for 1 minute connection time or 1 MByte data usage.

(b) The Account Effective Period has expired

Termination - the prepaid SIM will be terminated without refund of account value, if any, and the phone

numbers could not be ported out upon any one of the following situations︰

(a) The prepaid SIM has been suspended for more than 30 days for whatever reason

(b) The prepaid SIM has not been activated before the expiry date of the activation period.(DDMMYYYY)

(c) The prepaid SIM has been terminated for any reason

5. CUHK will not refund or transfer any account value of a prepaid SIM in any of the following circumstances:

(a) The prepaid SIM has been terminated according to Clause 4 above;

(b) User has by his/her own mistaken failed to recharge value to his/her prepaid SIM ;

(c) Any improper and unauthorized use of the account value of the prepaid SIM.

(d) The prepaid SIM is lost with account value.

6. The phone number of the prepaid SIM is randomly assigned. Users cannot choose, withdraw or request to change the assigned mobile number. Upon prepaid SIM termination, users cannot retain or continue to use the assigned mobile number. Under all circumstances, the Mainland China mobile number of the prepaid SIM cannot be ported out.

7. All call connection records are calculated based on CUHK network in Hong Kong. In case of any disputes, the record of CUHK shall prevail.

8. Users agree and acknowledge to receive all electronic messages of any format and nature (including but not limiting to text, voice, sound, image or video message and messages combining text, voice,sound, images or video) and voice mails of any format or nature (including but not limiting to promotional or commercial nature) sent by CUHK during the period when the prepaid SIM is in use, regardless of the electronic addresses of Users have been registered in “Do-not-call” Registers according to the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance, Cap. 593 of the Laws of Hong Kong at any time.

9. CUHK reserves the right to revise charges for the prepaid SIM. Announcement will be made in China Unicom’s website without further notice. Charges increase revision will come into effect in 30 days after announcement made on the CUHK’s website. Charges decrease revision will come into effect immediately. Users have to visit CUHK ’s website for enquiry about charges revision.

10. CUHK reserves the right to revise the prepaid SIM user guide at any time. The revised terms and conditions will come into effect concurrently without further notice. Users have to visit the CUHK’s website for updated user guide.

11. If CUHK has reason to believe that prepaid SIM has been or has possibly been used for fraudulent or any illegal activities violating any laws and regulations of Mainland China and Hong Kong, or has been used improperly, CUHK has the right to terminate the prepaid SIM service without prior notice. No refund or transfer of the account value will be made.

12. The terms and conditions herein shall replace all the statements and promises made verbally or in writing by any staff or authorized agents of CUHK.

13. CUHK has the right to transfer and/or assign any or all the rights and obligations of the prepaid SIM service to any parties.

14. Any terms and conditions herein found to be illegal, invalid and unenforceable shall be automatically severed and deleted. The terms and conditions shall be interpreted according to the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the People Republic of China.

15. CUHK reserves the right to revise the service charges and/or terms and conditions herein by SMS or by notice in hk.chinaunicom.com with 30 days prior notice.