Notice Regarding Real Name Registration Policy of Mainland China

China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited (“CUHK”) is committed to offering innovative and comprehensive communications products and services to customers for a seamless connections. From 4G Greater China Monthly Plan to a series of service plans such as CUniq ONE Plan, CUniq Flexi Bundle Plan and Greater China Location Tracking Plan, we have introduced various innovative product plans which are new to the market. Among all, its “1-Card-2-Number” (“1C2N”) product is especially preferred by frequent travelers between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

To comply with the "real name registration policy” imposed by the competent authority of Mainland China, all telecom operators in China who provide Mainland China mobile numbers are required to register the subscribers’ information of Mainland China mobile number. Since the Mainland China mobile number of CUHK’s “1C2N” (including the Mainland China mobile number of prepaid and postpaid services) are provided by the telecom operators in China, we have to comply with the policy above.

Therefore, all CUHK’s 1C2N prepaid card subscibers and the new 1C2N postpaid (monthly fee plan) subscribers including those customers who renew their contracts of service would be required to comply with real name registration policy in order to activate or continue to use the Mainland China mobile number associated with 1C2N service. You may refer to Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) : Consumer Alert on Single-Card-Multiple-Numbers (“SCMN”) / One-Card-Two-Numbers (“1C2N”) Services for further details. please click here.

As per prior notification and announcement by various means, starting from 31 August 2017, all non-registered Mainland China mobile number under 1C2N prepaid SIM cards be canceled pursuant to the relevant regualtions and all services in connection with the use of non-registered Mainland China number are discontinued, but the use of Hong Kong mobile numbers will not be affected except those which 1C2N prepaid SIM cards number(ICCID) starts with 89860. For those customers (SIM cards number(ICCID) starts with 89860), please click here .

The use of Mainland China mobile number by postpaid customers during current contract period will not be affected. All canceled Mainland China mobile numbers will be reverted back to us and we reserve all rights and discretion regarding the use and allocation of number resources.

Please note that under any circumstances, CUHK or any Mainland Authorities will not make phone calls to you and request to collect your bank account information, passwords etc. for real name registration purpose.

In case of any questions or concerns, please call our 24 hour service hotline on 2122 1188.

China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited
updated on 31 August 2017