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4G Advance Local Monthly Plans.A wise choice for better communicatio
Order Details
Total amount:
  • 4G Advance Local Montnly Plan
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Standard monthly fee* HK$ 178 HK$ 278 HK$ 358
Special Monthly Fee^
(After Rebate)
HK$ 50 HK$ 188 HK$ 318
Choose Contract Period 24Months 24Months 24Months
Select Select Select
Local Basic Airtime (minute)① 1600 min Unlimited Unlimited
Tariff after basic HK voice airtime $0.5/ min $0.5/ min $0.5/ min
Answer call in Mainland China/Calling Mainland number $0.5/ min $0.5/ min $0.5/ min
HongKong basic data usage④ 1GB 6GB+4GB(Free) 10GB
China Mainland basic data usage④ 50MB 100MB 200MB
Tariff after basic HK data usage② $30/0.5GB $30/1GB $30/1GB
Tariff after basic CN data usage③ $50/0.5GB $50/0.5GB $50/0.5GB
More contracts content
Online offer: During the fixed contract period, Mobile Service License and Administration Fee HK$ 9 HK$ 9 HK$ 9
Terms and Conditions:
#Customer is required to sign 24 months fixed term contract. After the fixed term contract, customers are required to pay $10 monthly Mainland China Number Fee and $18 monthly Mobile Service License & Administration Fees.
1,To entitle Mobile service license and administration fee waiver within the contract period, credit card autopay application for mobile service is required at the same time of mobile service online submission.
2,Free shipping fee is only applicable to Hong Kong local address
(Offer is valid till 31 Dec 2017)