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*With over 300 Hollywood and Asian films to choose from,you can enjoy your very own cinema on the move via ChinaUnicom 4G LTE。
*Giving people greater flexibility than ever to watch movies wherever and whenever they want to enjoy the“just one tab”personal cinema.

*Support various types of devices.You can enjoy movies with your iOS and Android smart phones,tablets or Smart TV.

Service Charges
hmvod *Monthly fee $38.You can apply for Anyplex service with a Minimum Contract Period of 24 months

*In addition to the service fee,download,usage and content update of this service will incur data.It will be deducted from relevant subscribed service plans and charged at the applicable thereafter fee.Alternatively,it will be charged based on standard data charges.
*Actual speeds experienced will be considerably less than the theoretical speeds obtainable on a 4G network and may vary due to the internet conditions,server speeds,network conditions,coverage,locations,the computer and device used.

*Visit one of our stores and enjoy the promotion latest promotion.Our staff will install it for you.

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Q: How can I use hmvod service?

A: Simply download hmvod App to enjoy hmvod service via iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet. You can also enjoy hmvod via
        selected SmartTV with the same login account.


Q: Does the hmvod monthly package include local data usage charge?

A: No. Local Mobile Data and roaming Mobile Data charges apply when you view the movies or videos.


Q: What is Voucher?

A: Voucher is used to rent the movies/programs marked with "VOUCHER" while each rental is valid for viewing within 48 hours
        upon order confirmed. You can see the movie voucher required for renting a movie/program marked with "VOUCHER" at the
        movie detail page.


Q: What is hours left?

A: You can watch the same movie unlimitedly without extra charge within 48 hours once you’ve confirmed order. The "number
        of hours left" under specific movie refers to the remaining hours for viewing.


Q: I am hmvod monthly package user, can I carry forward unused vouchers to next month?

A: All Coupons are valid for one month from the effective date of your account and will be recalculated on the next billing cycle.


Q: Can I connect to a Wi-Fi network to use hmvod?

A: Yes. You can.


Q: I forgot my password or parental code. How do I reset it?

A: You can reset your password or parental code on hmvod App login page.


Q: Is there any high definition (HD) content available?

A: Hmvod provide both high definition and standard definition version for all movies/programs. You can choose whichever the
        version according to the bandwidth of the Internet access you have. The bandwidth requirements are as follows:
        SD480p= 1.2 Mb, HD720p = 3.5 Mb, HD1080p or 3D = 10-12 Mb, HD1080p+ 3D = 20-25 Mb.

Q: How can I check my purchase record?

A: You can check your purchased record at hmvod website after login to ‘My Account’.


Q: How can I check the valid period of my movie vouchers?

A: You can check the balance and validity period of your movie vouchers at hmvod website after login to ‘My Account’.

Q: What is Parental Control?

A: Parental control is designed to provide control over children's access of adult contents. You will receive the parental code
        together with hmvod password via SMS upon your service registration.

brand Model
Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch(更新至iOS 8.0.2版本)
HTC Desire EYE,HTC One-M8,HTC One Max,HTC One Mini,HTC One-M7/HTC One X,XL/HTC Sensation XE,XL/HTC Desire G7/HTC Flyer
Samsung Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime,Samsung Galaxy Note4,Samsung Galaxy S5,Samsung Galaxy Note3 LTE,Samsung Galaxy S4,Galaxy S3/S3 GT-I9300/S3 LTE-GT-I9305,S2,S2 LTE/Galaxy Note GT-N7000,Galaxy Note2 GT-N7100,Galaxy Note2 LTE GT-N7105/Galaxy Nexus/I9001/I9003/P1000/Galaxy Beam i8530/Galaxy S Advance(I9070),Samsung Galaxy Tabs 7.0 Plus,7.7,8.9,8.9 LTE,10.1/Tab 2 7.0,10.1
LG LG G3,LG Bello,LG G Pro2,LG G2,LG P936
Motorola Motorola G 2nd Generation,Motorola droid pro+
Sony Sony Xpreia Z3,Sony Xpreia Z2,Sony Xperia Z1,Sony Xperia Z Ultra LTE,Sony Xperia L-C2105/Sony Xperia S-LT26i,Sony Xperia ion LTE-LT28i,Sony Xperia V
Xiaomi Xiaomi Phone(Android 4.4或以上)
Smart TV LG Smart TVs/Samsung Smart TVs(更新至2014年出產型號)/Blu-rays適用LG/Samsung Smart TV Apps的智能電視、藍光家庭影音娛樂組合及藍光影碟播放器

1. hmvod is an online movies or videos enjoyment service provided and operated by Anyplex Hong Kong Limited (“Service”) which
        allows you to stream and watch movies and/or videos online on supported devices by downloading the hmvod application
        (“App”). By subscribing and using the Service, you understand and agree to these terms and conditions.

2. You may subscribe to the Service for a fixed contract period of 24 months (“Contract Period”)and pay a monthly fee of $38.
        If you terminate the Service before the expiration of the Contract Period, you must pay the sum of monthly fee of the Service for
        the remaining months of the Contract Period to us immediately.

3. If you subscribe to the Service for a Contract Period of 24 months during our prescribed promotional period, you will be waived
        2 months’ fee (on the second and third month). Unless expressly stated otherwise, this promotion offer cannot be used in
        conjunction with any other offers, discounts or coupons.

4. The Customer who subscribed to the Service must pay the service fee which is charged under his selected plan for the Service
        on a monthly basis. The paid monthly fee are non-refundable under whatever circumstances.

5. Unless we receive from the Customer a not less than 30 days prior notice (by calling our customer service hotline
        no.[(852)21221188] or personally attend any of our shop in Hong Kong for processing) of terminating the Service, we will
        continue to provide the Service to the Customer on a monthly renewal basis at the current applicable standard monthly fee
        upon and after the expiration of the relevant term of contract without entering into a fixed contract period. Upon termination
        of the Service, Customers must immediately settle all the charges in relation to the Service, including the monthly fees and
        ordering charges (if any).

6. Only certain specified devices support the Service. You should check the compatibility of your device before using the Service.

7. If you subscribe a fixed contract period, a specified number of movie coupons are granted each month during the contract
        period to the subscriber for enjoying the movie. One movie coupon (or such number of movie coupon(s) as we shall specify)
        will be deducted for the viewing of one movie or video.

8. You may access and view the redeemed movie or video for multiple times during the 48 hours from the time of choosing the
        movie and using the coupon.

9. The movie coupons for each month can only be used in that particular month. Any unused coupon(s) for each month cannot
        be carried forward to the next month and will be forfeited at the end of that month.

10. If you uninstall the App from your device, you will not be able to access and/or view any movies and/or videos through the App
        but you are still liable to pay the monthly fee of the Service until the expiration of the fixed contract period.

11. Besides the monthly service fees, downloading the App and using the Service will incur data usage and must be charged. The
        data usage will first be, according to the usage circumstances, deducted from the data usage available under current mobile
        service plan subscribed by the Customer. To avoid the adverse experience when enjoying the movie due to inadequate data
        usage, Customers are advised to check and acquire adequate additional data first. Any data usage exceeding the basic/allowed
        data usage under Customer’s mobile service plan will be charged according to standard local data charges or the applicable
        standard roaming data charges of the relevant place (if the Service is used abroad) as the case may be.

12.   The data usage of viewing movies and/or videos in different forms/versions (Standard definition version/ High definition version)
        is different.

13. The Service is for your personal and individual enjoyment only and you must not and must not allow others to reproduce, copy,
        duplicate, sell, resell, rent or trade the Service or the content (or any part thereof), or to make use of the Service or the content
        for any other commercial purpose.

14. All content are provided by content provider (Anyplex), and we are not responsible or liable for the quality, nature, accuracy and
        usefulness of the content.

15. We reserve the right to change or amend the content and the monthly fee of the Service at any time without prior notice.

16. All the content provided under the Service are subject to the copyright or intellectual property rights of owners. You must not
        use the Service or the content to carry out or allow to carry out any act which constitutes an infringement of any copyright or
        other intellectual property rights of others, and/or for any illegal and/or improper purposes.

17. We make no warranty that:

  (a) the Service will meet your requirements;

  (b) the Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free;

  (c) the results or information that may be obtained from the use of the Service are accurate or reliable; or

  (d) the quality of any services, information or other material obtained by you through the Services will meet your expectation.

18. You expressly understand and agree that your use of the Service is at your sole risk, and the Service is provided on an "AS-IS"
        and "AS-AVAILABLE" basis and that we expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including,
        but not limited to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of other’s rights. We assume no
        responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, mis-transmission or failure to store any user communications or personalization
        settings, or any damage to your mobile device or loss of data that results from the download of the App or any materials,
        data or information by using the Service. You expressly relieve us from any and all liabilities arising from the access or use
        of the Service (or any part thereof).

19. The Service is subject to these terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the Mobile Service Agreement and the terms
        and conditions of content provider (Anyplex).

20. We reserve the right to change or terminate the Service or these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
        In the event if there is any dispute, our decision shall be final.