Identification Verification

ID Registration

Upload documentsRead and accept "Real Name Registration Policy" before uploading document

Cover Page of Passport
Photo Page of Passport
Handhold Photo

Warm Reminders

1. Please upload 3 photos ( both sides) . A clear photo with your identification document next to your face. For this photo please ensure the facial features are not distorted and the document information ( name, address, ID number etc.) is clearly visible.

2. Each uploaded attachment is limited to 2MB. The formats are limited to jpeg/jpg/png/pdf.

3. Please confirm that your photo meets the following requirements:

·a Taken in full-face frontal view directly facing the camera. The head and face should not be tilted or turned sideways, and the facial features must be clearly visible with both eyes open.

·b The face should cover 40% or more of the entire photo, only the face of one person is shown in the photo.

·c Do not wear glasses, hat, helmet, and headscarf when shooting. Those with long hair should have both ears exposed, and there are no hair across the eyes or the face.

·d Take the photo in a well-lit environment and avoid flash reflection, ghosting images, blurriness, too bright or too dark etc.

·e Photo must be 3 million pixels or more.

4. Identity Document photo sample for upload is as below.