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Product Introduction:

Adding a Mainland number to the same SIM card for receiving calls and SMS messages.
Other charges: The customers of monthly plan when receiving calls by Mainland number within Hong Kong, in addition to the plan’s basic Hong Kong Airtime entitlement will be consumed and reduced, an additional connection fee of $0.2/minute will be charged. (The additional connection fee for certain plans is exempted. Please contact our customer service hotline for details.)


1. In accordance with the “Telephone User True Identity Information Registration Requirements” implemented by the Mainland government, all Mainland numbers provided by the Mainland telecommunication operators must have the true identity of their users registered. The users must have their registration process completed and approved in order to commence or continue the use of Mainland number services. Please click to read “Real Identity Registration Requirements Customer Consent Form”. For enquiries, please call our customer service hotline 21221188.
2. The monthly fee is calculated monthly based on the calendar month, and starts from the date of application as the first month. Period less than a full calendar month is taken as a month and charged with a full monthly fee.