Registration Agreement

Terms of Use of the Site

The webpage along with all the mobile phone service, products or information service provided through this webpage (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is operated by China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited (hereinafter referred to as Unicom or We) or our representatives. You, other website users and any user who uses the mobile phone service or information service through the webpage and such person’s authorizer (hereinafter referred to as “Sir/Madam” or “you”, must obey the Terms of Use and the Unicom Privacy Policies published on this webpage (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policies”) while using the Site.

Please read carefully the Terms of Use and our privacy policies. Once you have connected to, browsed or used the Site, it is seen as you have read and agreed to obey our Terms of Use and privacy policies.


1.1“Webpage”: refers to the Site owned and operated by China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited, the Site address is
1.2“Sir/Madam” Information: refers to the transaction information and personal profile information handed in upon your registration or usage of the webpage and which is known by the webpage.
1.3“Your Excellency’s Order”: unless otherwise stipulated or declared in the Terms of Use, this refers to applications or inquiries handed in via email on the Site, including but not limited to any application or inquiries regarding the provision, alteration or cancellation of different services that you enjoy according to the Site procedures.
1.4“Service/Product Agreements”: refers to any agreement or amendment terms established when Unicom started to provide service or products to you.
1.5“Customer service”: refers to the different kinds of customer service provided by this webpage to you through the Internet, including but not limited to product experience, business processing, consumption inquiries, consultation, etc.
1.6“Communication service”: refers to the communicational functions you use through the communication network, such as telephone call, wide band Internet connection and so on.
1.7 Unless otherwise stipulated in the context, when mentioned in this Terms of Use:
(a)“Person” includes natural person, business title, legal entity, cooperation relationship, joint venture enterprises or other legal person;
(b)“Third Party” refers to other people who are not the responsible party of this term of the agreement;
(c) Single form includes its plural form and the other way around;
(d)Words such as “Include”, “Contain”, for instance or etc are not used or explained as an indication of limitation.

2.Service content

2.1The webpage will provide for you respective service according to the Terms of Use and other operational procedures.  Some of the services provided in certain webpages might be subject to other related agreements or service terms; if such other agreements or service terms contradict this one, the other agreements or service terms shall override.
2.2The customer service provided on the Site includes but is not limited to: product experience, business processing, consumption inquiries, trouble report, consultation, etc. The Site will adjust the specific content of the customer service according to any change of situation.
2.3You are responsible for the evaluation of all the materials included in the Site and the confirmation of the truthfulness of such materials, for instance, you can refer to the previously published information and seek independent opinions before acting upon the material provided.

3.Registered Account and Password

3.1When using some parts or certain service of the Site, you might have to pre register to be able to get a registered account and password. When registering for an account, you confirm that you agree:
(a) the profile you provide is real, precise, up-to-date and complete, and the profile will be updated in time;
(b) To keep your registered account and password secure;
(c) To authorize Unicom to to regard anyone that uses your registered account and password as your authorized representative on the Site, and any behavior of such authorized representative on this webpage is binding on you;
(d) Any loss of the account and/or password, failure to remember such info or theft of such info not as a result of Unicom’s misconduct will not be accounted for by Unicom;
(e) To inform Unicom immediately of any illegal usage or theft of the registered account or password;
(f) To seek your parents’ or guardian’s consent before using the webpage if you are below the age of 18.
3.2Your registered account and password will be the only identity you have on this webpage. To enjoy the services provided by the webpage, you must enter the correct registered account and password

4.Your Order

4.1Unicom will provide to you the respective customer service according to the order you leave on the Site
4.2Unicom will carry out your order timely and precisely according to the Terms of Use. However, Unicom is entitled to not carry out your order if any of the following situation is found:
(a) Unicom will violate related laws and regulations if it carries out your order;
(b)The form, content or operational authorization of your order does not conform with the business regulations and service regulations of Unicom or of the Site;
(c) Your order contradicts the Terms of Use, related agreements or service teams or other science service/product agreements.
4.3The communicational information between the Site and you regarding the provision of service and the transaction in the form of numbers, symbol, letters or words is equally binding as any written contract and formally written document.
4.4You must ensure the truthfulness, precision and completeness of the data you provide on the Site and take full responsibility. Unless otherwise stipulated, all the data you sent will be verified according to the records of Unicom.
4.5If there are any errors in the transaction record regarding online billing or online purchase of service/products, you must contact Unicom within a day after such error in record has been detected

5.Your Rights and Restrictions

5.1you cannot use the Site or take advantage of the Site to engage in the following activities:
(a) Interfere, interrupt or prevent other people from using or enjoying customer service, communication service or the Site normally;
(b) Slander, damage the reputation of Unicom or the Site, or viciously attack, interrupt or interfere with the online platform of the Site, server or other devices connected to the Site, or conduct other action that may do harm to the Site;
(c) Illegally enter other computer systems, demand excessive amount of communication service, change or modify any portion of the Site without authorization, or interfere, interrupt or prevent the operation of the Site using abnormal measures;
(d) Knowingly send virus contaminated files or other destructive files to or through the Site;
(e) Release, send, sell, lease, hand over or lend any pornographic or vile(including but not limited to pornographic, violent, corruptive and repulsive) materials that are readable, watchable or for the purpose of reading or watching, in the forms of photos, pictures, words, videos, recordings and video tape;
(f) Slander, belittle, harass, threat or blackmail anyone;
(e) UEM issued to any person, including but not limited to pre-recorded voice / video message, fax, SMS or e-mail;
(g) Send emails to anyone without an invitation, including but not limited to pre recorded audio/video message, fax, SMS or emails;
(h) Engage in business activity or any fraud or speculation;
(i) Engage in activities that violate any laws or regulations, statements, guidance or practice principles given by the government or supervision organizations, or any activities that might lead to a civil or criminal lawsuit.
5.2 If your act violates the Terms of Use, the Site will make independent judgments and is entitled to suspend your service or cancel your registered account and password. You must take full legal responsibility for your act on the Site, and take responsibility for the compensation if any damage has been caused to the Site or to Unicom. At same time, the related record on the Site may be used as proof of your violation of the Terms of Use, laws and regulations, related statements, guidance and practice principles given by the government or supervision organization, or proof of any potential civil or criminal lawsuit.

6.Third-Party Service

6.1This webpage carries some materials provided by third-parties. Some portion of the webpage, other webpages linked to this webpage or the related mobile phone calls service, products or information service is provided by third-party (Third Party Service). Unicom does not conduct any examination or quality control on any webpage or service provided by the third-party. Any communication and transaction between you and the third party provider is a direct legal relationship established between you and the third party provider. When connecting or using the third party service, you may be subject to the terms and regulations established by the third-party provider.
6.2Unicom has not endorsed or approved of any material provided by the third party on the Site or any external links connected to the Site. Any material provided on the Site or any links to external websites does not constitute any form of cooperation or relationship between Unicom and any third party or external website. The Site’s provision of any material or external links provided by a third party does not constitute any implied or explicit claim, statement, or guarantee of Unicom’s approval or disapproval of such content ; for any damage caused by the usage or non-usage of such material, or the reliance on such material, failure or incapability to use such material, content or external links provided through or by the Sit( including but not limited to any related damage, lost or impairment) , Unicom does not take any legal responsibility, obligation or responsibility.

7.Personal Profile and Security

7.1When providing to you any communication service, products or information service through the Site, Unicom may need to collect your personal profile. Unicom will collect the required personal profile for providing communication service, products or information. Such info will be stated as “necessary profile”. You can choose whether or not you want to provide “non-necessary profile” to Unicom. Unicom will process your profile according to the privacy policies published on the Site. Any collection, usage and release of your personal profile will be subject to Chapter 486 of Hong Kong laws, Terms of Personal Profile.
7.2When you’re using the webpage, Unicom may deposit cookies on your computer. Cookies are part of the material transferred from the Site to individual computers as a record keeper. Cookies will only be sent back to the Site when you’re revisiting the Site. Through saving information about your likes, cookies make it easier for you to browse the webpage. Unicom will not save in cookies any password, credit card information or other information that can be used as identification. Most website browsers have the default setting to accept cookies. If you change your browser setting to refusing to accept cookies, you will not be able to use the Site.
7.3Internet communication may be suspended or delayed due to data volume or data transmission failure. It’s difficult to ensure complete security well uploading your profile online.  Although Unicom will take appropriate measures to ensure that the Site and the system for connecting such website is within its control, Unicom does not ensure the security, confidentiality and preciseness of the Site, the system that is used to connect to website or any material that is uploaded through such system.

8.Alteration, Suspension and Termination

8.1Unicom is entitled to, without having to give any prior notice or reason, repair, maintain or upgrade the system, or to upgrade or modify the content or function of the Site, or alter any content of the Site at any time, or to suspend or terminate the Site according to the needs of its business. You are responsible for the evaluation of any material on the Site and the examination of such material, for instance, you can review the previously published information and seek independent opinion before acting upon such provided material
8.2 Under certain circumstances, Unicom is entitled to terminate your registered account and password without prior notice:
(a) Unicom has the right to decide, at its sole discretion,  that your behavior has violated any laws, regulations, the Terms of Use or other related agreements or service terms, or has impaired the rights of Unicom or others; or
(b) If you acquired your registered account through communication service, Products or information service,  upon termination of such service; or
(c) You haven’t used or logged into your registered account for a long period (three years).
8.3After your registered account has been terminated,
(a) Unicom will send you an account termination notice according to the email address in your personal profile
(b) You cannot longer use your registered account to Log In
(c) You can’t use any special service provided by the Site
(d) Any material email or profile you have saved on the Site or on Unicom server will be deleted,  we suggest that you back up such material, email or profile from time to time and
(e) IPR
8.4 The termination of your account does not mean cancellation of any orders that has not been carried out, nor does it invalidate any legal consequences as a result of previous transactions.


9.19 Unless otherwise stipulated in the Terms of Use or in any written agreement, all the content, information, communication service, product or information service are delivered on an “AS-IS” or “AS-AVAILABLE” basis and is only used for general instruction purpose. For such material, Unicom
(a)Does not provide any implicit or explicit guarantee or statement, including but not limited to the precision, completeness, reliability, security or appropriateness of such material, or whether such material is suitable for usage or whether it may constitute any infringement;
(b) Does not take any responsibility for any error, omission or false statement or untruthful statement (explicit or implied);
(c)Will not account for any legal responsibility, obligation or responsibility for any damage, impairment or loss as a result of use of the Site, non-use of the Site, reliance on the Site or failure or incapability to use the Site or any information or service provided by the Site.
(d)Will not make any statement or guarantee regarding whether the Site contains virus or is infected by virus; and
(e) Will not account for any loss, damage or impairment as a result of or in relation to you sending info to Unicom online or the other way around.
9.2 Your must ensure the precision of your registration account personal profile material (including your personal profile). If your personal profile material (including your personal profile) and/or any personal profile information you provide(including your personal profile) is non-precise, false or untruthful, Unicom will not take any responsibility.


10.1 All texts, domain names, business titles, trademarks, words, videos, audios as well as symbols and images are protected by related ownership laws and IPR laws. Without Unicom’s prior explicit written notice, no copying, distributing or spreading of such content is allowed. If such content involves a third party’s IPR (other than Unicom), authorization or permission from such third party must be acquired prior to any copying, distributing or spreading of such content.


11.1When you are conducting activities or trying to conduct activities, using or trying to use the Site( including the registered account and the establishment or usage of any Links), if any omission, recklessness or deliberately inappropriate behavior, misconduct, slander arises, or any violation of the Terms of Use, violation of any laws and regulations, any guidance, claims or practical principles established by the government or supervision organizations, or any potential civil or criminal lawsuit, demand for compensation, act, legal responsibility, requirement, examination and prosecution, compensation, expense, loss or cost arises as a result of your behavior, your must continue to compensate Unicom for such result. This term remains effective after termination of your account.

12.Governing Laws

12.1The Terms of Use is subject to the laws of HK SAR and must be interpreted according to the laws of HK SAR. You agree that your subjection to jurisdiction is non retrievable.

13.Other Matters

13.1Unicom reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portion of these Terms of Use, at any time. The modified Terms of Use will be shown to you when you Log Into the Site. It is your responsibility to read these modified Terms of Use. Once your click the box that says “I accept the Terms of Use (including related privacy policies, disclaimers and copyright terms)”, you accept and are subject to the changes. The modified Terms of Use will override the previous version.
13.2If any portion of the Terms of Use becomes illegal, invalid or is non-compulsory execution while the fundamental effectiveness of the Terms is no affected, other portion of the Terms remain valid.
13.3The titles within the Terms of Use is only for the convenience of reference and do not constitute part of the Terms. They do not indicate any importance or less importance of the Terms.