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Order Details
Total amount:
  • CUniq USA Local Plan
  • User Guide
  • Double high speed data
Plan US$ 25
US$ 25
US$ 34
US$ 34
US$ 40
US$ 40
Services Period 1*30 days 1*30 days 3*30 days 6*30 days 12*30 days 1*30 days 3*30 days 6*30 days 12*30 days
US Voice Minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
International Voice (Including Mainland China, HongKong, South Korea, Taiwan landline, UK landline, France landline, Germany landline)* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
US and International SMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
US Data Unlimited, first 2GB @4G LTE Speed,Speed restricted @128kpbs after 4G allowance is used Unlimited, first 3.5GB @4G LTE Speed,Speed restricted @128kpbs after 4G allowance is used Unlimited, first 6GB @4G LTE Speed,Speed restricted @128kpbs after 4G allowance is used
Tariff Details

Activate Sim

You will be assigned a US cellphone number after activating CUniq service, please have your US SIM card and locate the ICCID and PUK number(printed on the back of the card) and choose either of the following activation method.

Option 1: Activate Online: Visit www.cuniq.com/us/activate, follow instruction to activate.

Option 2: Activate over phone: When in US, insert your US SIM card and dial 622 with the cellphone.

Due to network delay, it make take up to 2 hours to fully activate your service.

NOTE: Your Mainland China number will be assigned after completing and approving “Real Name Registration”, please see our official website to follow instruction.

Internet Setting for Primary SIM card

Please follow these steps to set up data services in United States:

iPhone/iPad (iOS 10)

Step 1:
Settings>Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Cellular Data Network

Step 2:
Input “wholesale" in APN column under Mobile Data & Personal Hotspot. Leave other columns blank.


Step 1:
Settings> Wireless & Networks> Mobile Networks> Access Point Name (APN)

Step 2:
Create New APN>input "wholesale" in Name & APN columns > Leave other columns blank> Save

Step 3:
Back>Select "wholesale"

*Please set APN of Secondary SIM card as "3gnet" from your cellular settings, then enable data roaming for internet when you travel outside the United States.

Secondary SIM Card Call forward Setup

You need to set up a call forward between the primary and secondary numbers in order to receive incoming calls and SMS to the secondary number on your primary US number within the United States.

Outside the United States, you can receive incoming calls to the Primary US number through your Secondary number.

How to renew subscription

You will need to renew your plan subscription before midnight (23:59) on the last day of the validity period for the next billing cycle in order to keep your assigned telephone number active.

Manual subscription Renewal: Before the end of each billing period, you need to log in to the website to top up and manage your subscription. No matter how much remaining balance in your account, your number will fall into a lock-up period.

During the lock-up period, your number can only call our customer service hotline. Once within the lock-up period, it may take up to 4 hours for service to resume following re-subscription. Your billing cycle will then be changed to the date on which services resume. If the lock-up period lasts for 30 days without service resumption, your assigned telephone number will be deleted and you forfeit any remaining balance of usage and/or fees on the account, which in either event shall be treated by the Company as an account termination processing fee.

  • From September 20th, 2017 to February 28th, 2018, customers who activate or renew their local plan will enjoy “Double High Speed Data” -- 2GB allowance for $25 plan, 3.5GB allowance for $34 plan, and 6GB allowance for $40 plan, EACH at no additional charge, from the date of activation or renewal, for the period of the subscription or renewal (3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, as the case may be). 4G LTE High Speed Internet will be restricted to 128kbps after 4G allowance is used up.
  • The promotion of “Double High Speed Data” will end on February 28th, 2018.
  • "Double High Speed Data" will not be available for any local plan’s new activation or renewal after February 28th, 2018. After February 28th, 2018, high speed data will be charged by deducting the usage from the local plan or the Add-On Data package.