1,You can receive $20 credit when you refer a friend to CUniq.

2,When your friend renews CUniq service, you get 10% credit every month

3,Unlimited credit. If you refer 10 friends, you receive up to $200 for first month, and up to $49 credit each month.( In this case, your monthly credit is enough to pay your own plan )

4,Your friends can purchase a plan with your referral code and receive a 20% discount

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Referral Program Terms and Conditions

1. Referral Credit: Current users refer friends to purchase local plans or share plans at CUniq's official website, and new users immediately receive a discount of 20%. Referrer will get $20 credit after new user is activated. Referral credit for is not capped. For example, if a user refers 10 friends. The Referrer can get $20 per new user for a total of $200 credit.

2. Renewal Credit: From the second month onwards, the Referrer can receive a 10% credit on the renewal plan amount after the new user's monthly renewal. The renewal credit received by the Referrer is not capped. For example, Referrer refers 10 new users for the $40 plan. When the new users renew the plan every month, Referrer can get $4 per new user for a total of $40.

3. Credits are issued after the new user’s plan is successfully activated or renewed. Credit will be issued to your account; all Credits will be cleared if your account is deactivated. Credits can only be used to renew your plan or buy add-ons on CUniq website.

4. Current Referral Program is valid from 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019

5. China Unicom (Americas) Operating Ltd reserves the right to make changes and final interpretation of the referral program.